Factorymation Spring 2024 Catalog

farmduty severeduty washdownduty www.factorymation.com/acmotors AC MOTORS 13 Explosion Proof Options • 1PH or 3PH Motors • Suitable for Hazardous locations explosionproof Fractional HP Options • 1PH or 3 PH Motors • TEFC, ODP, Explosion Proof • Foot mount, C-Face, Resilient Base Product Description Using the latest technology, WEG develops quality products to meet the most demanding industrial applications. WEG is a familiar name in industries such as mining, rock quarries, cement, asphalt, steel manufacturing, food processing, power generation, heating and ventilation, and water and waste water treatment. General Purpose Options • 1PH and 3PH Motors • TEFC, ODP • Foot mount, C-Face, Resilient Base www.factorymation.com/  QUICKLY LINK TO OUR PRODUCTS ONLINE fractional gpmtr AC MOTORS Severe Duty Options • Vector Duty • Super Premium • IEEE 841 • Crusher Duty • AEGIS Bearing Protection Optional 0.25−750HP 0.12−2HP 0.33−500HP 1−750HP SEE INSIDE BACK COVER FOR MORE DETAILS Air Handling Options • Cooling Tower Motors • Commercial HVAC • Pad Mount Motors airhandling .12−100HP Definite Purpose Options • Brake Motors • Compressor Duty Motors • Oil Well Pumping • Saw Arbor Motors • Pad Mounted Motors • Hydraulic Pump Motors • Soot Blower Motors definitepurpose 1−100HP Wash Down Duty Options • Shark ™ Stainless Steel Motors • TEFC, C-Face • Foot, Footless mount • NEMA Premium,High Efficiency 0.33−10HP IEC Tru-Metric ™ Options • TEFC, Aluminum or Cast Iron • Inverter rated iecmetric 0.25−450HP Pump Motor Options •Jet Pump Motors •Pool & Spa •Close Couple Pump •Fire Pump •P-Base pumpmtr 0.33−250HP Farm Duty Options • 1PH Motors • TEFC, TEAO • Auger Drive • Poultry Fan 0.33−10HP