Factorymation Spring 2024 Catalog

SEE INSIDE BACK COVER FOR MORE DETAILS www.factorymation.com/enclosures ENCLOSURES 6 7 THERMAL MANAGEMENT Features: • DIN-rail mount, IP20 • 250VAC maximum • 10A resistive, 1.6A inductive contact rating Thermostats Heating Features: • 10A @ 250VAC Resistive • 1A @ 30VDC Cooling Heating Part Number Price Description FTM-TSTAT1-140 $14.15 Cooling, 32-140°F, 1 N.O. Contact FTM-TSTAT2-140 $14.15 Heating, 32-140°F, 1 N.C. Contact FTM-TSTAT12-140 $30.80 Heating/Cooling, 32-140°F 1 N.C. / 1 N.O. Contact Condensation Heaters Features: • DIN-rail mount, IP20 • 250VAC maximum • Touch-safe Part Number Price Description FTM-HT250-TSFA1 $120.05 Touch Safe 250W, 115V AC FTM-HT500-FA1 $156.10 500W, 115V FTM-HT750-FA1 $208.00 750W, 115V FTM-HT250-TSFA2 $109.15 Touch Safe 250W, 230V AC FTM-HT500-FA2 $156.10 500W, 230V FTM-HT750-FA2 $208.00 750W, 230V Fan-Forced Heaters Features: • DIN-rail mount, IP20 • 240VAC maximum • Touch-safe models available Part Number Price Description 7T. $19.05 Cooling, -4 to 104°F 1 N.O. Contact 7T. $19.05 Cooling, 32 to 140°F 1 N.O. Contact 7T. $19.05 Heating, -4 to 104°F 1 N.C. Contact 7T. $19.05 Heating, 32 to 140°F 1 N.C. Contact 7T. $59.75 Combination thermostat and hygrostat. 50-140°F, 50-90% humidity, Changeover Contact Cooling Part Number Price Description FTM-HT50-TS $54.20 50W 110-250V AC/DC FTM-HT100-TS $74.55 100W 110-250V AC/DC FTM-HT150-TS $92.40 150W 110-250V AC/DC ® Louver Part Number Price Dimensions Cutout Size Filter Part Number Price Dimensions SCE-AVK33 $23.45 3.88"H x 4.50"W 2.62"H x 3.00"W SCE-FLT33 $30.15 3.22"H x 3.25"W SCE-AVK34 $24.80 4.75"H x 4.50"W 3.50"H x 3.00"W SCE-FLT34 $30.15 4.06"H x 3.25"W SCE-AVK43 $25.50 4.50"H x 5.50"W 3.25"H x 4.00"W SCE-FLT43 $30.15 3.84"H x 4.25"W SCE-AVK44 $26.80 5.62"H x 5.50"W 4.38"H x 4.00"W SCE-FLT44 $30.15 4.97"H x 4.25"W SCE-AVK64 $29.50 5.62"H x 7.50"W 4.38"H x 6.00"W SCE-FLT64 $33.50 4.45"H x 6.25"W SCE-AVK66 $30.50 7.88"H x 7.50"W 6.62"H x 6.00"W SCE-FLT66 $33.50 6.72"H x 6.25"W SCE-AVK812 $46.90 15.31"H x 9.50"W 14.06"H x 8.00"W SCE-FLT812 $40.20 14.14"H x 8.25"W SCE-AVK84 $31.50 5.81"H x 9.50"W 4.56"H x 8.00"W SCE-FLT84 $36.90 4.64"H x 8.25"W SCE-AVK86 $35.55 8.19"H x 9.50"W 6.94"H x 8.00"W SCE-FLT86 $36.90 7.02"H x 8.25"W SCE-AVK88 $39.55 10.56"H x 9.50"W 9.31"H x 8.00"W SCE-FLT88 $36.90 9.39"H x 8.25"W UL/cUL Type 3R & 4X Rain Hoods Louver and Filter Kits • For use with Type 12 fan and filter kits • Prevents rain, sleet, snow, or other falling fluids from entering the enclosure • ANSI-61 gray powder coated mild steel or 304 stainless steel options • Louvers provide additional ventilation when excessive heat or moisture is a problem •ANSI-61 gray powder coated steel • Optional filter kits available Rain Hood Part Number Price UL Type Rating Dimensions Mild Steel SCE-RH4N12 $70.25 3R 9.44"H x 8.25"W x 4.50"D SCE-RH6N12 $74.95 3R 13.44"H x 12.25"W x 4.50"D SCE-RH10N12 $84.30 3R 16.44"H x 15.25"W x 4.50"D Stainless Steel SCE-RH4N12SS $98.30 3R 9.44"H x 8.25"W x 4.50"D SCE-RH6N12SS $104.90 3R 13.44"H x 12.25"W x 4.50"D SCE-RH10N12SS $118.00 3R 16.44"H x 15.25"W x 4.50"D 4X Stainless Steel SCE-RH3N4XSS $170.30 3R, 4, 4X, 12 9.10"H x 5.90"W x 1.60"D SCE-RH4N4XSS $225.50 3R, 4, 4X, 12 9.10"H x 6.90"W x 2.20"D SCE-RH6N4XSS $287.45 3R, 4, 4X, 12 15.40"H x 11.10"W x 3.30"D SCE-RH10N4XSS $315.70 3R, 4, 4X, 12 18.90"H x 13.80"W x 4.30"D Combination E69392